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even though I'm 13 I love knitting these little hats and have dome 500 so far
27 August 2014 - england

Jo's comments   Well done you. 500 is a fantastic number - more than I have ever made in a year. Keep clicking away!

Hi Jo - this is my first year of knitting the hats. I stumbled across them at Age Uk in Todmorden. I love the patterns on your site. I thought I was doing well having knitted 220 hats in the last 2 months but I have a long way to go to catch the lady that has done 1000! Thanks again for the inspiration.
20 August 2014 - Near Greater Manchester

Jo's comments   Hi Linda, Thanks for leaving a message and glad you are enjoying the site. 220 hats is a fantastic number, not sure how many I have in my bag for this year, keep getting distracted and knitting other things! Keep up the good work. Jo

Love your patterns and have done them extensively. So far have completed 450 hats for this year. Will poss be doing a knit -in in our local Age UK shop!!!
18 August 2014 - Stroud, Glos

Jo's comments   Wow, you have been busy. 450 is a huge number. Glad you have enjoyed using the patterns off the website and thank you for leaving a message. Good Luck with your Knit-In.

Jo.I've knitted quite a few of these little hats.60 in one bag and there's about three bags! Any ideas on how to get them to Tavistock Square without it costing a fortune? Any pick up points that you know of?
14 August 2014 - France at the mo, usually London

Jo's comments   You can drop them in to Age UK Charity shops - but not much good if you are in France! You could do this when you get back to the UK. Glad you are enjoying the patterns.

Jo Owen
I am filled with enthusiam and just fetched my wool boxes down to get started, thany you for these patterns
5 August 2014 - Wales

Jo's comments   Be warned - you will soon need larger wool boxes!! Hats are VERY addictive! Thanks for leaving a message and enjoy your knitting.

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