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Jo Owen
I am filled with enthusiam and just fetched my wool boxes down to get started, thany you for these patterns
5 August 2014 - Wales

Jo's comments   Be warned - you will soon need larger wool boxes!! Hats are VERY addictive! Thanks for leaving a message and enjoy your knitting.

Norma Peel
i have enjoyed knitting the hats for 3 years but have
just found your patterns and have so far completed
4 August 2014 - England

Jo's comments   WOW! 1000 hats - that is fantastic. Well done you. Enjoy using my patterns and those supplied to me by others. Happy Knitting and here's to the next 1000!!

Wonderful patterns Jo, have knitted several of them and have also changed a few with my own ideas. First year I have done this and have 87 already.
31 July 2014 - Hull

Jo's comments   Brilliant. Glad you are enjoying the patterns. Thanks for leaving a comment. Happy Knitting!

Jill H
Hi Jo love your site! Enjoyed making hats last year but will definitely have more fun with some of your patterns!!
3 July 2014 - London UK

Jo's comments   Glad you like them! Plenty of choice of patterns for you. If you come up with any of your own - don't forget to let me know! Happy Knitting.

Oh Jo! I do hope you remember me! I haven't left a comment in absolutely AGES. I hope you forgive me. It is because of exams and the like. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy! Preparing for a new school, coping with the heap of homework and EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Love your site, as usual, Molly.
13 May 2014 - Somewhere in Lancashire

Jo's comments   Well Hello there Molly, of course I remember you. Hope your exams go well and that you enjoy your new school. The latest little boat hat I've put on the site would suit you. Have a good summer. Jo

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