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Ellen Hesketh
Hi Jo
Love the Dougal hat but what is loopy stitch please ?
Just sent 365 hats to innocent - I completed my self imposed challenge !
24 October 2014 - Suffolk

Jo's comments   365 - that is FANTASTIC. Not counted my hats up yet, got two bags full. There is a link to a good video under the Dougal picture which is how I learnt how to do Loopy Stitch.

The variety of hats is inspirational. Prompted me to get the needles and hooks out again after many a long year
24 October 2014 - Uk

Jo's comments   What a lovely comment, glad you have been inspired! Enjoy your knitting.

Sue Morris
Brilliant patterns but I'm struggling with the antlers of the reindeer. Help please.
13 October 2014 - Warwick

Jo's comments   All I can suggest, is check you are casting on using the right method - YouTube videos are good. Then take each line of the pattern SLOWLY. It might help to mark off each line as you do it. You start off by casting on to the very end of the antler. As you work your way back to the start (the bit that joins to the head) you cast off and cast on to create the points. Pay careful attention to whether you are using one strand or both strands of the wool for your casting off. Good Luck.

Loveday Giles
Have just sent info to my daughter as I thought it might be a good project for school, we will wait and see.
11 October 2014 - United Kingdom

Jo's comments   I have heard of schools getting the children to knit hats. The basic hats are so easy and quick to do they are ideal. Thanks for leaving a message.

Hi first time of knitting hats done fifty this week all different some using your patterns some I have made up really enjoying doing them.
9 October 2014 - Leeds

Jo's comments   I am impressed - 50 in a week is amazing. You must be constantly walking around with your pins!! Glad you are enjoying the patterns.

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