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elizabeth oliver
do you use the same needles for all of the patterns also do you do dolls clothes pattern
11 November 2014 - northampton

Jo's comments   Hi There - I tend to use 4mm needles for most of my Smoothie Hats. I have knitted Doll's clothes in the past but work from bought patterns, I've never made my own up.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the patterns on your site. This is my first year of doing the big knit and your website has been invaluable for interesting patterns.
5 November 2014 - Kent

Jo's comments   Hi Carole - thanks for leaving a message and so glad you have enjoyed the patterns. I shall be adding another one tonight after I've had my tea - so watch this space! Jo

caroline stevens
hi i am just going to start knitting one of your patterns but i would like to know what B and T means please
4 November 2014 - lymington england

Jo's comments   Hi There,
Break off yarn leaving a long end, thread it through all the stitches on the knitting needle, pull up to gather tightly, then fasten off.
You might find this page helpful:

just sent in the last of my hats for this year - 550 completed. Have enjoyed it so much. Plan to aim for 1,000 next year, and get more people knitting!
1 November 2014 - Stroud, Glos

Jo's comments   Wow - impressed with 550 hats - very well done. Good luck with the 1000 target. Did you take a photo of your 550 hats? I could feature it on the 2014 page.

Ellen Hesketh
Hi Jo
Love the Dougal hat but what is loopy stitch please ?
Just sent 365 hats to innocent - I completed my self imposed challenge !
24 October 2014 - Suffolk

Jo's comments   365 - that is FANTASTIC. Not counted my hats up yet, got two bags full. There is a link to a good video under the Dougal picture which is how I learnt how to do Loopy Stitch.

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