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Loveday Giles
Have just sent info to my daughter as I thought it might be a good project for school, we will wait and see.
11 October 2014 - United Kingdom

Jo's comments   I have heard of schools getting the children to knit hats. The basic hats are so easy and quick to do they are ideal. Thanks for leaving a message.

Hi first time of knitting hats done fifty this week all different some using your patterns some I have made up really enjoying doing them.
9 October 2014 - Leeds

Jo's comments   I am impressed - 50 in a week is amazing. You must be constantly walking around with your pins!! Glad you are enjoying the patterns.

Hi Jo, thanks for sharing your patterns. I discovered this project two years ago and I think it great. Just started this year and have made 11 so far.
29 September 2014 - England

Jo's comments   Thanks for leaving a message and glad you are enjoying using the patterns. Good Luck with you knitting for this year's campaign. Jo

Maria Hedges
Thank you so much! love all of the patterns, made knitting the hats more exciting
27 September 2014 - UK

Jo's comments   Hi Maria - thank you for leaving a message and glad you enjoyed the patterns so much. Keep Knitting!

Ann Webster
Wonderful selectin ofpatterns and so very dfferent .I had decided not to do any more this year but will have to try s few of these before delivering my contribution.Very many thanks.
25 September 2014 - Manchester UK

Jo's comments   Ha Ha, that made me laugh! Once a Mad Hatter always a Mad Hatter - your addiction is clear!! Happy Knitting.

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