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My freind and I are German and 13 years old.
My father is american and his brother lives in the UK. While visiting this Christmas I discovered the big knit and found this site googling patterns. I got her hooked as well and now we knit when together. We love your patterns!
18 January 2015

Jo's comments   Hi Mia - thanks for leaving a message. Glad you are enjoying the patterns and well done for encouraging your friend to join in too. Happy Hatting for 2015. Jo

I done my first one yesterday! so should have lots for you this year.x
28 December 2014 - west sussex

Jo's comments   Well done Jackie, they are strangely addictive so I dare say you will have a lot to send to Innocent Smoothies next year! Enjoy your knitting.

H this is year 2of knitting little hats but now i`ve found your patterns its great i`ll be starting some more for naxt year thanks againi
1 December 2014 - scotland Arbroath

Jo's comments   Glad you are enjoying the patterns. Happy Knitting into 2015!

Karin de Wijs
Such fun making those little hats. I have done 55 so far and still going strong. Today I made Santa's hat.
1 December 2014 - UK

Jo's comments   Glad you are enjoying knitting the little hats and thank you for your traditional Dutch pattern - I shall work on that later.

Loving your fun and funky work! Have now made two of the little letterboxes and they are so quick and easy.thanks so much
25 November 2014 - Feltham

Jo's comments   Glad you are enjoying the patterns. Working on another one at the moment! Happy Knitting.

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