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Loving your fun and funky work! Have now made two of the little letterboxes and they are so quick and easy.thanks so much
25 November 2014 - Feltham

Jo's comments   Glad you are enjoying the patterns. Working on another one at the moment! Happy Knitting.

My second year of knitting these gorgeous little hats. Must start earlier next year so I can make more though! Thoroughly hooked. Your patterns are absolutely gorgeous and Imwould like to thank you for letting us use them.
17 November 2014 - Kent

Jo's comments   You are very welcome, glad you like the patterns and happy Hatting in 2015! Thank you for leaving a message. Jo

My first year too. Thanks for all the interesting patterns.
15 November 2014 - Hertfordshire

Jo's comments   Glad you are enjoying Mad Hatting. Very addictive isn't it?!

elizabeth oliver
do you use the same needles for all of the patterns also do you do dolls clothes pattern
11 November 2014 - northampton

Jo's comments   Hi There - I tend to use 4mm needles for most of my Smoothie Hats. I have knitted Doll's clothes in the past but work from bought patterns, I've never made my own up.

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the patterns on your site. This is my first year of doing the big knit and your website has been invaluable for interesting patterns.
5 November 2014 - Kent

Jo's comments   Hi Carole - thanks for leaving a message and so glad you have enjoyed the patterns. I shall be adding another one tonight after I've had my tea - so watch this space! Jo

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