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Micci Milan
ive made a bunny rabbit ,, would you like to feature it on here . I've posted a pic on your Facebook page today
16 March 2015 - UK

Jo's comments   Happy to feature your pattern, are you able to take a photo of the hat on top of a bottle? Just email it through to me and I will do the rest. Thanks.

Will you be putting the mouse and owl patterns made with the tinsel wool on here. they are fab!!
15 March 2015 - Uk

Jo's comments   I've not made any mice with tinsel wool. I've made large Hedgehogs and Owls - but they are from a bought pattern. The link is on the posts with the photos. Hedgehog: King Cole Tinsel Chunky. Pattern No 9015. and Owl: Pattern No 9022. I made some smaller Smoothie hats with the tinsel wool - these are hedgehogs and can be found here: Hope this helps, Jo

Have you a pattern for an older style English Telephone Kiosk or a Police Box. I have been knitting some of your Holiday themed patterns for Age Concern, then I found you had all these others and thought they
would be nice for English friends presents.
9 February 2015 - Beavercreek OH USA

Jo's comments   Could you knit this one in red?

My freind and I are German and 13 years old.
My father is american and his brother lives in the UK. While visiting this Christmas I discovered the big knit and found this site googling patterns. I got her hooked as well and now we knit when together. We love your patterns!
18 January 2015

Jo's comments   Hi Mia - thanks for leaving a message. Glad you are enjoying the patterns and well done for encouraging your friend to join in too. Happy Hatting for 2015. Jo

I done my first one yesterday! so should have lots for you this year.x
28 December 2014 - west sussex

Jo's comments   Well done Jackie, they are strangely addictive so I dare say you will have a lot to send to Innocent Smoothies next year! Enjoy your knitting.

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