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Lorraine Dore
Do you have the pattern for your birds the are fab, please
4 May 2015 - England

Jo's comments   There are quite a few bird related patterns. Go to this page - and scroll down until you see the one you want. Then click on the picture and you will find the pattern. Enjoy!

This is my first year in making hats and so far have done 150 they are a bit addictive can't stop knitting them but I do like to alter patterns slightly . Was just looking at your other knits so going to try knitting donkeys so glad I found your site
2 May 2015 - uk

Jo's comments   You sound like you are well and truly addicted!! The donkeys do look very odd until you have them completely made up, don't give up heart! I'm well into my button hats at the moment. :)

Micci Milan
ive made a bunny rabbit ,, would you like to feature it on here . I've posted a pic on your Facebook page today
16 March 2015 - UK

Jo's comments   Happy to feature your pattern, are you able to take a photo of the hat on top of a bottle? Just email it through to me and I will do the rest. Thanks.

Will you be putting the mouse and owl patterns made with the tinsel wool on here. they are fab!!
15 March 2015 - Uk

Jo's comments   I've not made any mice with tinsel wool. I've made large Hedgehogs and Owls - but they are from a bought pattern. The link is on the posts with the photos. Hedgehog: King Cole Tinsel Chunky. Pattern No 9015. and Owl: Pattern No 9022. I made some smaller Smoothie hats with the tinsel wool - these are hedgehogs and can be found here: Hope this helps, Jo

Have you a pattern for an older style English Telephone Kiosk or a Police Box. I have been knitting some of your Holiday themed patterns for Age Concern, then I found you had all these others and thought they
would be nice for English friends presents.
9 February 2015 - Beavercreek OH USA

Jo's comments   Could you knit this one in red?

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