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Congratulations on building a fantastic resource of brilliant ideas.
2 August 2015 - wales uk

Jo's comments   Thank you, glad you like the site, Happy Hatting!

Maureen White
A suggestion for all you knitters - like me, you may have accumulated lots of small quantities of trimmings for your little hats: buttons, braid, little flowers, stick-on things like ladybirds and bees, etc. My husband and I sometimes stay in smart hotels - who give us small pots of marmalade, honey, etc. for breakfast. Snaffle the empty jars, wash them out - and you will find them enormously useful to keep all your "stuff" organised. Happy knitting!
26 July 2015 - SW England

Jo's comments   Great idea!

Hi Jo. I'm loving your patterns and having a go for the first time and having fun making them. Have you ever come across a pattern for Wylie Coyote, and Roadrunner please?
5 June 2015

Jo's comments   Hi June,
Thanks for your message, glad you are enjoying the patterns. No I've not come across patterns for them, try on Ravelry, Etsy or Craftsy - you might find what you are looking for.

Hi Jo! Do you remember me? I still love your designs and your hats are fabulous, but I have exams coming up! No time for knitting! All my spare time is dedicated towards revision and my exams
10 May 2015

Jo's comments   Hi Milly, I was only thinking about your messages the other day. Good Luck with those exams and hope you can get back to a bit of knitting when they are done. :)

Lorraine Dore
Do you have the pattern for your birds the are fab, please
4 May 2015 - England

Jo's comments   There are quite a few bird related patterns. Go to this page - and scroll down until you see the one you want. Then click on the picture and you will find the pattern. Enjoy!

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