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Margaret McMullin
Thank you for sharing.
I made 200 quite plain hats i.e. not characters, so was pleased to see the spiral hat and some other relatively plain hats that I could do.
Thanks too for sharing how to make the bobble. Most of mine have tassels or crocheted flowers.
So thanks again for more inspiration. I have now completed 10 spiral hats , so with pom moms!
23 October 2015 - Southport UK

Jo's comments   Excellent! Some of the designs are easier than they look - the cupcake is a nice straightforward knit but very effective. Glad you have enjoyed the patterns. Happy Hatting!

Hi Jo,
Your button hats are cute, but I prefer the knit only ones. Could you maybe share some more of those?
17 October 2015 - Alaska

Jo's comments   Hi There, thanks for your comments, designing the little hats is not the easiest of jobs and I do like knitting other things too, so the button hats are a compromise at the moment. Why not have a go yourself and see if you can work out a pattern. If it's successful, send me a photo and I will put it on my site.

Christine Hewitt
I have been knitting hats for a few years my target this year is 100 as I do other charity knitting as well as knitting for grandchildren
9 October 2015 - Perry Barr, Birmingham UK

Jo's comments   Enjoy your hats this year and I hope you reach your target of 100.

Tizziana Murphy
Hi Jo have you ever considered doing a little book on these hat patterns, then you could some money for eldery that way too? Just a thought
6 October 2015 - Ireland

Jo's comments   Nice idea, however, with all the patterns freely available on my website, there wouldn't be much incentive to buy the book!! Nice to think you consider them worthy of going in a book though - thank you!

Brenda savage
Hi JO Im so enjoying knitting these little hats . The patterns are realy great. In just adding my own little twek to them. Ie I knitted a small bee and attracted it to the hive. Gave the bunny a Pom pom tail and put sewn little eyes on the frogs spider just usein cotton. And I crohet some silver chains for the ghost. So I thank you again time to get knitting some more .
25 September 2015 - England

Jo's comments   Your hats sound fantastic, and I like the sound of your 'extra' bits. Hatting is quite addictive as you have found out. Keep up the good work and thanks for the message. Jo

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