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Maureen White
Hi knitters! This week several of us mature ladies in Freshford, near Bath, went along to a Brownie meeting and tried to teach the girls how to knit little hats - the 7-year-olds found it really difficult, but older Brownies managed well. Meanwhile my own tally to date is over 300 little hats.

A thought for you all - don't throw away all the odd yards or two of yarn. Just knit away, and when you run out of one colour, bring in another - preferably in the middle of a row so you can see the contrast - and tie the ends on the wrong side to save time. Mine have worked out amazingly well!

I am a Rotarian, and our charity this year is Age UK, so it all ties up well (no pun intended).
15 November 2015 - Freshford, Bath

Jo's comments   Glad you are enjoying knitting hats and that the skill of knitting is being passed on to the next generation. Keep it up.

Julia Smith
Hi Jo, thanks so much for sharing your patterns with us. I have really enjoyed the challenge and trying out new techniques . Your instructions are excellent and I have learnt so much about knitting! Keep it going!
9 November 2015 - Beverley East Yorkshire

Jo's comments   Thank you for such a lovely message, glad you have enjoyed your knitting. I too have learnt a lot along the way!

Happy Knitter
I found your website through my cousin who has a collection of your pattern books. I have found these patterns for the mini hats so useful. I printed them and now my mum is knitting hats for the innocent smoothie charity. As am I! In the last week we have about 50 done between us! I have done all the letters and I'm thinking of adjusting the letter pattern to doing numbers! I'm really enjoying it as I have found knitting for the last couple of years on and off quite relaxing. My cousin has knitted the whole nativity scene amongst other patterns of yours and they were beautiful. Your patterns are easy to follow with simple steps for even a novice like me! Thanks again!
30 October 2015 - Kilkenny, Ireland

Jo's comments   Hi There, I'm wondering if you have confused me with Jean Greenhowe - she definitely does pattern books, where as I don't. She also did patterns for a Nativity Set. I've also knitted them, they are lovely.
I did a few knitted numbers, just so I could do the date with the Innocent Logo. They were fun hats to do. Glad you are enjoying knitting hats and have found these patterns helpful.
Thanks for getting in touch. Jo

I have adapted your witches hat pattern as I hate stitching especially in black. Cast on 42 sticthes follow the brim pattern, this will leave you with 28 stitches to start the colour band, follow the pattern. This gives an all in one hat and brim. less sewing.
28 October 2015 - Outer Hebrides

Jo's comments   Hi There, other people have done this I think. Perhaps I will put it on the site as an alternative. Thanks for your message. Jo

Helen Tubb
i am going to knit some of your brilliant paterns - - But can you tell me wha't B+T tightly' means at the end of some of the patterns- Thank you
27 October 2015 - Birmingham U.K

Jo's comments   B & T Break off yarn leaving a long end, thread it through all the stitches on the knitting needle, pull up to gather tightly, then fasten off.
You may find this page of my website useful:
Happy Hatting,

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