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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Jo.
I look forward to being inspired with the patterns from your site in 2016.
Happy knitting
24 December 2015

Jo's comments   Thank you Cindy, it has been a while since I designed any new hats, too busy knitting Twiddlemuffs! Maybe 2016! Happy Christmas to you and yours, Jo

I will be so grateful for the patterns. Thank you
13 December 2015 - England

Jo's comments   Glad you like the patterns, enjoy your knitting for the next campaign. Jo

Maureen White
Let me have your e-mail address & I'll send you a picture of my 300 hats, delivered to a local Age UK shop today. Best wishes - Maureen White.
11 December 2015 - Bath

Jo's comments   There is a link on my website, but to save you looking for it: Look forward to seeing them. Jo

Maureen White
Hi again - this morning I went into the Trowbridge (Wilts) branch of Age UK - they offered to take in my 300-odd hats and forward them - which will save a lot of postage on my behalf! Meanwhile a very good (and generous) friend came to stay recently, and bought five of my hats for 20!

Jo - thanks for posting my Pretty Women on your site. Might have a week or so off now before starting on next year's effort - and let my wrists recover! Best wishes to all knitters - Maureen White, Freshford, Bath.
7 December 2015 - Uk

Jo's comments   Well done you Maureen. It is amazing what people are prepared to pay for little hats! Happy Hatting in 2016, Jo

Yasmin pike
I have a couple of patterns I made up. How do I send them to you for posting on your site? Can I send it via thi message site or go you have an email address so I can try to include photos
25 November 2015 - Wales

Jo's comments   Hi There - I have links on the site to a standard email address, sorry you've not spotted them! Looking forward to seeing your creations. Jo

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