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I will be so grateful for the patterns. Thank you
13 December 2015 - England

Jo's comments   Glad you like the patterns, enjoy your knitting for the next campaign. Jo

Maureen White
Let me have your e-mail address & I'll send you a picture of my 300 hats, delivered to a local Age UK shop today. Best wishes - Maureen White.
11 December 2015 - Bath

Jo's comments   There is a link on my website, but to save you looking for it: Look forward to seeing them. Jo

Maureen White
Hi again - this morning I went into the Trowbridge (Wilts) branch of Age UK - they offered to take in my 300-odd hats and forward them - which will save a lot of postage on my behalf! Meanwhile a very good (and generous) friend came to stay recently, and bought five of my hats for 20!

Jo - thanks for posting my Pretty Women on your site. Might have a week or so off now before starting on next year's effort - and let my wrists recover! Best wishes to all knitters - Maureen White, Freshford, Bath.
7 December 2015 - Uk

Jo's comments   Well done you Maureen. It is amazing what people are prepared to pay for little hats! Happy Hatting in 2016, Jo

Yasmin pike
I have a couple of patterns I made up. How do I send them to you for posting on your site? Can I send it via thi message site or go you have an email address so I can try to include photos
25 November 2015 - Wales

Jo's comments   Hi There - I have links on the site to a standard email address, sorry you've not spotted them! Looking forward to seeing your creations. Jo

Hey Jo,
Thanks for posting so many amazing patterns for the big knit, I'm enjoying the variety and have made about 50 hats so far.
I have a quick question, I'm in the middle of knitting the Leprechaun Hat and just wondering on the last decreasing row of the brim, it doesn't say how many knits in between the k2tog, not sure if its just k1 but thought I would ask :)
thank you again for all the patterns
21 November 2015 - London

Jo's comments   Hi There, the instructions that you repeat are in the brackets; so for (K2tog, K) repeat to end. It is Knit 2 together, then Knit 1, Knit 2 together and then Knit 1 and repeat this to the end. Glad you are enjoying the patterns, there are a nice range on here now. Happy Hatting and thanks for your message. Jo

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