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Love catching up with your site , I often direct friends to it
19 May 2016 - Basildon ,Essex UK

Jo's comments   I'm afraid there hasn't been anything new added for some time, but hopefully there is enough variety already that your friends will find something they like. :)

Hi Jo, these patterns are amazing. Will be sharing them with my friends and will make an early start on the big knit for this year.
19 May 2016 - Scotland

Jo's comments   Hi Lorraine, so glad you are enjoying the patterns, the little hats are so easy to do in between other projects. Thanks for your message. Jo

Thanks for sharing these brilliant patterns, Jo. I made several of them as egg cozies for Easter - you can't beat a personalised egg cozy! I can see opportunities for making plenty more. I'm showing them off on my blog

Thanks again.
8 April 2016 - Surrey, UK

Jo's comments   Glad you like the patterns and have made use of them for Egg Cozies. Great blog.

Jo, You are a star, Have just discovered your site and am marvelling at your ingenuity and commitment to the craft.
21 March 2016 - Hampshire

Jo's comments   Glad you like the patterns. If ever you design one yourself, be sure to email it over! Jo

Collette Furlong
Fantastic patterns, love them all
28 February 2016 - Dublin

Jo's comments   Glad you like them Collette, happy hatting! Jo

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