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I'm going to knit some hats for innocent this year for first time and will definitely use your lovely patterns. Thanks JJ
19 July 2012 - South of England

Jo's comments   Glad you like the patterns, and watch out it is highly addictive!! I started off using 'odd bits of wool' and have now had to buy more wool!!

They are so cute Jo. I don't buy the product but will now look out for hatted bottles in the participating stores.
9 May 2012 - Devon

Jo's comments   Thanks Joy - glad you like them. Need to get cracking on the next set - been a long time in the coming!

great work Jo
30 March 2012 - Cornwall

Jo's comments   Thanks Tina - definitely good fun to do!

Brilliant you are both are so talented!!
13 March 2012 - Stroud

Jo's comments   Thank you Ruth - we do LIKE website design!!

Hi there, excellent site Jo!
11 March 2012 - Devon

Jo's comments   I had a good designer!

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