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first year of making hats! stash is being used up - knew i need to keep all those last bits of wool for something! patterns are fantastic will try some different ones as mine are becoming a bit boring buying a pom pom maker has helped and all those little packets of stars and sequins also coming handy. xx
20 August 2012 - United Kingdom

Jo's comments   I wish I'd kept all my odd bits of wool too!! Pom Pom makers are brill - much easier than two rings of card!

Hi, I'm emmabflea from ravelry, they are amazing! Will definitely have a go - you have inspired me! LOL
16 August 2012 - Middlesex

Jo's comments   Thanks Emma - good to know you like them. Be warned they are VERY addictive!!

Love your hats,I'm knitting lots.Do you have a pattern for the top hats?They're so cute.
12 August 2012 - Scotland

Jo's comments   Hi There, the Top Hat pattern is on page two of the patterns -
I'm nearly finished on a variation of the top hat - watch this space! You will need red and white wool to give you a clue!!

Moira Collins
Thank you for the patterns they are amazing
11 August 2012 - UK

Jo's comments   Glad you like them Moira - they are good fun!

Love the patterns! This is my first year doing the Big Knit to try to use up odd yarn, but I'm already digging into full balls from my stash. Really enjoying knitting the hats and trying them on a bottle. I'm off on holiday in a couple of days and the hat knitting is definately coming with me!!!
10 August 2012 - Oxfordshire, UK

Jo's comments   I've just taken took my wool on holiday - but only managed to knit 3 hats! We were too busy. Funnily enough we are half way home now (from Norfolk) and staying in Oxford. Nice to see the sun still shining!

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