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Judy Guy-Briscoe
It's my first year of doing hats (I did buy one last year!). I've just retired and as I was a teacher all my facebook friends are now back at work and the Proms are over so I have time. I've set myself a target of 20 but may well exceed that now I've found your blog!! I started off using left over yarn from a kneeler project but bought some yesterday!!!
14 September 2012 - London

Jo's comments   Ooh slippery slope once you start buying new wool! Glad you are feeling inspired.
I too used to teach, but now work in a school office and do TA work instead - less stressful than teaching and more time for knitting!!

first year of making hats! stash is being used up - knew i need to keep all those last bits of wool for something! patterns are fantastic will try some different ones as mine are becoming a bit boring buying a pom pom maker has helped and all those little packets of stars and sequins also coming handy. xx
20 August 2012 - United Kingdom

Jo's comments   I wish I'd kept all my odd bits of wool too!! Pom Pom makers are brill - much easier than two rings of card!

Hi, I'm emmabflea from ravelry, they are amazing! Will definitely have a go - you have inspired me! LOL
16 August 2012 - Middlesex

Jo's comments   Thanks Emma - good to know you like them. Be warned they are VERY addictive!!

Love your hats,I'm knitting lots.Do you have a pattern for the top hats?They're so cute.
12 August 2012 - Scotland

Jo's comments   Hi There, the Top Hat pattern is on page two of the patterns -
I'm nearly finished on a variation of the top hat - watch this space! You will need red and white wool to give you a clue!!

Moira Collins
Thank you for the patterns they are amazing
11 August 2012 - UK

Jo's comments   Glad you like them Moira - they are good fun!

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