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Your knits have cheered up an otherwise dull day at work. Thank you for inspiring me to keep knitting the hats
28 December 2012 - Manchester, UK

Jo's comments   I'm glad the hats have helped you through an 'end of December' day at work! They are good fun to knit - my current creation is a snowman inspired hat - but they have been slow coming off the needles over Christmas!! Thank you for your kind comments.

Amazing designs Jo: I only wish I had the time to knit ! Maybe when I retire!
27 November 2012 - Devon

Jo's comments   You should see the reindeer I'm working on - looks really good, only another 11 to knit!! Typical of my personality that I have to knit 12 of each design.....!!

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for sharing
2 November 2012 - France

Jo's comments   Glad you like them, have fun knitting some of them!

What size eye's do you recommend, Jo?
24 October 2012 - UK

Jo's comments   Hi Chris,
I use 12mm ones - they are self adhesive and very good value - I bought a tub of 800 for £3.99 - they are made by Craft Planet.
Hope this helps, Jo

Hi Jo! Loving the patterns ! it's my first year doing the big knit and I love it! I'm in Ireland and they are collecting hats until Nov 30th here so I've still some time to get some more done ! i'm deffo going to try your patterns! thanks!
23 October 2012 - Ireland

Jo's comments   Hi Lisa - thanks for your nice comments. Glad you are enjoying the knitting. I'm afraid my needles have been inactive for a few days I need to get my next batch finished before 31st October - they have a Halloween theme!

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