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Hi Jo! Loving the patterns ! it's my first year doing the big knit and I love it! I'm in Ireland and they are collecting hats until Nov 30th here so I've still some time to get some more done ! i'm deffo going to try your patterns! thanks!
23 October 2012 - Ireland

Jo's comments   Hi Lisa - thanks for your nice comments. Glad you are enjoying the knitting. I'm afraid my needles have been inactive for a few days I need to get my next batch finished before 31st October - they have a Halloween theme!

Hi Jo, I've just started on a Leprechaun hat and think the pattern is missing a purl row for the top row of the buckle band?! This is my first attempt at the hats so I'm practising for 2013! Your designs are FAB
21 October 2012 - UK

Jo's comments   Hi Chris - you are quite right, well spotted! I've amended the pattern and thanks for letting me know. Good Luck with your hats - they are very addictive! And thank you for your kind comments.

Thank you so much for this page it is fantastic, this is the first year that i am doing the big knit, never knew it existed until it popped up on my facebook page. it will become addictive i can tell ,i have only made one, the pom poms take the longest, im doing it the old fashioned way with two circles of cardboard.
17 October 2012 - Ireland

Jo's comments   Pom-pom makers save a lot of time or you can knit the bobble like in the Santa hat design. Got another Halloween inspired one on the needles at the moment!

Is this still going? Where do I send my hats when they're done?
9 October 2012 - UK

Jo's comments   This year's campaign has finished - Innocent are now sorting the hats to ship out to Sainsbury's and Boots. They will be on their bottles for two weeks in November.
I'm knitting now for next year's campaign - which I am presuming they will run!! If not I will have a lot of egg cosies to sell on Ebay!!

This is a great site! I'll be trying some of these out this week! I hope you don't mind me linking my blog to yours!
18 September 2012 - Leicester, UK

Jo's comments   Not at all! Got all my hats parcelled up ready to go off! Now starting on hats for next year!!

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