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Karen (NI)
fantastic wee patterns, will get stuck into some of theses, ty
18 January 2013 - Northern Ireland

Jo's comments   Good time to start whilst we are all snowed in! Hope you are OK across the sea and thank you for your comments.

Your knits have cheered up an otherwise dull day at work. Thank you for inspiring me to keep knitting the hats
28 December 2012 - Manchester, UK

Jo's comments   I'm glad the hats have helped you through an 'end of December' day at work! They are good fun to knit - my current creation is a snowman inspired hat - but they have been slow coming off the needles over Christmas!! Thank you for your kind comments.

Amazing designs Jo: I only wish I had the time to knit ! Maybe when I retire!
27 November 2012 - Devon

Jo's comments   You should see the reindeer I'm working on - looks really good, only another 11 to knit!! Typical of my personality that I have to knit 12 of each design.....!!

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much for sharing
2 November 2012 - France

Jo's comments   Glad you like them, have fun knitting some of them!

What size eye's do you recommend, Jo?
24 October 2012 - UK

Jo's comments   Hi Chris,
I use 12mm ones - they are self adhesive and very good value - I bought a tub of 800 for £3.99 - they are made by Craft Planet.
Hope this helps, Jo

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