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Hi fellow hat knitters! Does anyone out there know of a website where I can buy trimmings - little flowers etc?
25 August 2016 - UK

Jo's comments   I get all of mine from Ebay. There is lots of choice between style and supplier. Happy Hatting. Jo

Hi Jo
I have been making the hats for the past 3 years and love doing it! Have made a load for this year, but was wondering if you have a drop-off point in Devon for yours, as you make so many and it would be too costly to post them. Appreciate your help.
6 August 2016 - Devon

Jo's comments   Hi Sally,
I post mine to Innocent, but I always use myHermes - about 5 for the whole lot and they collect the parcel from your door. You can track online if you want. Happy Hatting, Jo

Edna Madeley
Love all of your patterns Jo. Did 500 hats last year 2015. Hoping to do more this year with the help of your patterns! Thank you.
17 July 2016 - Stoke on Trent. England

Jo's comments   Glad you are enjoying the patterns, good luck with your next 500!

Mary Scarlett
Thank you so much for sharing these patterns. I knitted 100 hats for Age Action Ireland last year but have started earlier this year and am giving myself a target of 250. It is great to be able to ring the changes as you have given us so many to chose from. Thanks again. Mary
19 May 2016 - Dublin

Jo's comments   You are more than welcome Mary - they are really fun to do and like you say it is nice to ring the changes and do different ones every now and again, happy knitting. :)

Love catching up with your site , I often direct friends to it
19 May 2016 - Basildon ,Essex UK

Jo's comments   I'm afraid there hasn't been anything new added for some time, but hopefully there is enough variety already that your friends will find something they like. :)

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