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Debbie D ~ Herts.
From one knitting addict to another, thank you for some new patterns ! Perfect for little left over bits of yarn . Thanks Jo
7 April 2013 - Hertfordshire UK

Jo's comments   Glad you like them! Happy Knitting.

Wonderful patterns. Best site on the Internet for innocent smoothy hats. Loving the new octopus pattern. Thanks so much Jo. Sue xx
29 March 2013 - Leamington Spa

Jo's comments   Oh, Thank You. Really lovely comments and glad you like the octopus - I will let the designer - Marie-M know.

Angela W
Thanks for such good ideas. I have just started knitting for next winters campaign. My 2 daughter in laws to be have even wanted to join in they have never knitted before.
26 March 2013 - Leicester

Jo's comments   Thanks Angela, many of the designs are suitable for beginners. The Octopus that I have just added is all knitted in garter stitch - but does need a lot of casting on and off!

Jackie Irwin
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your site and the patterns, I havent knitted for over 20 years and back then I didnt even knit anything of worth, so these have made it so much easier to start again, just wanted to thank you for these and keep up the good work!! Yours are much better than mine but they are improving
5 February 2013 - Lincolnshire

Jo's comments   Many thanks Jackie for your lovely comments and so glad the patterns have enabled you to get back 'into' knitting.

I have just started knitting the hats for next year's campaign. Hope you keep adding more designs
23 January 2013 - Suffolk

Jo's comments   I will do my best to keep adding new ones - don't forget to click onto the 'Next Page' link - I think I have 3 pages of patterns so far. Have Fun!

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