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Hi Jo, You are amazing. Thank you for all your hard work and creativity.
'm going to put 'THE BIG KNIT 2013' hats on the front desk for the world to see. This year is the 10th anniversary of the campaign and we will be attempting to get 1 million hats knitted and onto bottles for November, to be sold in retailers all over the UK. We will be launching in July and have got loads of exciting plans so keep an eye out! Thank you so much for your commitment to our campaign and helping raise money for a really important cause. James P - Big Knit Campaign Manager
14 June 2013 - Fruit Towers, London, W10 5BU

Jo's comments   So chuffed to get this message from HQ and to think my hats will be on the front desk - WOW!! Can you take a photo and send it to me? Hope my website helps you to have a big range of hats for the 10th Anniversary Campaign. Thanks again.

Wow.amazing website and patterns. First year that I have made hats for innocent after dusting off my knitting needles. Just one can I make little pom poms for the top of my hats? Thanks :)
13 June 2013 - Wales

Jo's comments   Thanks for your lovely comments. I use a pom pom maker that I had as a child about 35 years ago! If you type pom pom maker into Ebay they sell something similar - you can make them really quickly - much better than four circles of card!

Wendy Stoner
How very kind of you to share your wonderful patterns with everyone. I have been supporting this campaign for the past 3 years and it is wonderful to have so many lovely patterns to attempt. I am not as clever as you in design and there is a limit on how may ways you can knit the hat pattern!!
25 April 2013 - Surrey

Jo's comments   You are very welcome, they are such good fun it's good to share the patterns that have worked. It's nice to go back to the basic hat from time to time, but like you I enjoy a change.

looking everywhere for different patterns. finally found some amazing ones! thanks
13 April 2013 - leicester, england

Jo's comments   Happy to oblige! Will hopefully continue to add new designs every now and again - depends how busy work is and how tired I am in the evening! Thanks for your comments!

Debbie D ~ Herts.
From one knitting addict to another, thank you for some new patterns ! Perfect for little left over bits of yarn . Thanks Jo
7 April 2013 - Hertfordshire UK

Jo's comments   Glad you like them! Happy Knitting.

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