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i have just found your site was wondering do you knit them all year to send of
18 August 2013

Jo's comments   I certainly do! I just knit in the hope that Innocent continue to run the campaign! So far so good.

I got lots of patterns from your site last year for the big knit, and i am so delighted to see lots of new patterns up here, keep the good work up and keep the pattens coming.
12 August 2013 - Wicklow, Ireland

Jo's comments   Glad you like the new patterns, you will love the Octopus - so quick and VERY effective. Enjoy!

I'm loving all the patterns!! Thank you! Could someone explain yarn over please? I'm making the pineapple leaves!!! Thank you!
3 August 2013 - epping

Jo's comments   Glad you like the patterns. Yarn Over - before knitting the next stitch, bring the wool forwards between the needles and over the right hand needle. Then knit your stitch as normal - and you will have an extra stitch on your needle to knit into next time across. For anything like this try typing it into You Tube - there is usually someone on video showing you what to do! Good Luck.

Hi Jo, I really love your hats. I am aiming for three hundred this year. I choose a colour combination and knit ten making sure no two are identical - the brighter the better! Up to 247 so far - and addicted!!
3 August 2013 - Surrey

Jo's comments   Well I hope some of my hats are in the right colours for you! I'm working on some brightly coloured birds - similar to the robins - you may like them. Just 53 left to do!

Jill Lea
I'm not a Facebook person but saw the link to your site from Innocent's website. Yours is the site I've been waiting for, for years! I've knitted about 90 hats so far this year - trying to beat last year's 250! At last, some new patterns. Thank you so much!
2 August 2013 - Tewkesbury

Jo's comments   Thank you for your lovely words Jill and glad you are finding the site useful. I'm adding new designs on a 'fairly' regular basis so keep checking back! Happy Knitting.

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