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Jill Lea
I'm not a Facebook person but saw the link to your site from Innocent's website. Yours is the site I've been waiting for, for years! I've knitted about 90 hats so far this year - trying to beat last year's 250! At last, some new patterns. Thank you so much!
2 August 2013 - Tewkesbury

Jo's comments   Thank you for your lovely words Jill and glad you are finding the site useful. I'm adding new designs on a 'fairly' regular basis so keep checking back! Happy Knitting.

Jenni Stephens
Great to get some new patterns. I have over 200 different patterns, many designed by myself. I have completed 14 different moshi monsters, gruffalo, hello kitty and star wars - pictures will follow. Happy to share patterns.
30 July 2013 - UK

Jo's comments   WOW! You have been busy and are clearly as mad as me!! Looking forward to the pictures.

just wow , ive seen them in the shops would defo buy one of yours. well done
26 July 2013 - stoke on trent

Jo's comments   Thank you! A bit of fun after a day at work - I just love knitting them.

Love your designs. I'm making some hats for my granddaughter s music teacher at school. They put them on top of the kids violins when they're having a concert and you've given me loads of ideas. Will also be making around 50 for the big knit x
29 June 2013 - Scotland

Jo's comments   What a lovely idea - bet the children love it. Can imagine one with an Octopus on top!! Thanks for your comments and glad you like the patterns.

wendy stoner
Saw the comment about making pom poms. I have found a really quick and easy way to make them. Cut a short length of wool. Then using the wool you want for the pom pom, one or mixture of colours, wrap wool around 2 fingers approx. 16 times. Then use pre cut length of wool to tie around centre of loops securely, leaving long length to sew pom pom to hat. Cut through loops and voila - one pom pom.
21 June 2013 - Surrey

Jo's comments   Funny you should send this today, someone else has sent me details very similar to this but winding around a fork instead. Thanks for posting for others to share.

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