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Hi Jo, so glad my friend gave me your web address. What a lovely assortment of little hats. I have been making them for a number of years and designed my own hats but have not written the patterns down. So glad you do! I am going to knit the Love Bird, so cute. Thank you for sharing x
28 August 2013 - Buckinghamshire England

Jo's comments   Hi Kaz, Glad you like them - the Lovebird was one of my favourites too - nice that it looked good in whatever crazy colour combinations were chosen. Enjoy!

i have just found your site was wondering do you knit them all year to send of
18 August 2013

Jo's comments   I certainly do! I just knit in the hope that Innocent continue to run the campaign! So far so good.

I got lots of patterns from your site last year for the big knit, and i am so delighted to see lots of new patterns up here, keep the good work up and keep the pattens coming.
12 August 2013 - Wicklow, Ireland

Jo's comments   Glad you like the new patterns, you will love the Octopus - so quick and VERY effective. Enjoy!

I'm loving all the patterns!! Thank you! Could someone explain yarn over please? I'm making the pineapple leaves!!! Thank you!
3 August 2013 - epping

Jo's comments   Glad you like the patterns. Yarn Over - before knitting the next stitch, bring the wool forwards between the needles and over the right hand needle. Then knit your stitch as normal - and you will have an extra stitch on your needle to knit into next time across. For anything like this try typing it into You Tube - there is usually someone on video showing you what to do! Good Luck.

Hi Jo, I really love your hats. I am aiming for three hundred this year. I choose a colour combination and knit ten making sure no two are identical - the brighter the better! Up to 247 so far - and addicted!!
3 August 2013 - Surrey

Jo's comments   Well I hope some of my hats are in the right colours for you! I'm working on some brightly coloured birds - similar to the robins - you may like them. Just 53 left to do!

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