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beryl saragas
I've made a few hats and nowI need your postal address, please. Would you be kind enough to send it to me;;
10 September 2013 - greece

Jo's comments   You need to send your hats to Innocent Smoothies not to me! Their address is: The Big Knit 2013
Innocent Drinks
342 Ladbroke Grove
W10 5BU

Oh no it's that time of year again when the days get shorter and the shorts go back in the loft. But what fantastic patterns to keep us cheered up as we click clack away. Thanks
6 September 2013 - London

Jo's comments   I like your way with words! Enjoy your click clacking this autumn!

Cecilie Blaksted
Hi! I'm from Innocent in Denmark, and we just started this campaign. Can i get in touch with you by any chance? would love to hear some great stories and ideas. Maybe include some of the patterns on our danish website?
Look forward to hearing from you
2 September 2013 - Denmark

Jo's comments   Hi Cecilie - how lovely to hear from Innocent in Denmark. I'm just about to send you an email - I'm more than happy to help in any way I can. Good Luck with your campaign.

Hi Jo
Just come across your website, thanks for sharing your great patterns. Looking forward to trying a few of them!
1 September 2013 - Manchester

Jo's comments   You are very welcome Vikki - happy knitting!

Hi Jo, so glad my friend gave me your web address. What a lovely assortment of little hats. I have been making them for a number of years and designed my own hats but have not written the patterns down. So glad you do! I am going to knit the Love Bird, so cute. Thank you for sharing x
28 August 2013 - Buckinghamshire England

Jo's comments   Hi Kaz, Glad you like them - the Lovebird was one of my favourites too - nice that it looked good in whatever crazy colour combinations were chosen. Enjoy!

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