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Hi Jo, have already sent you the pics of my wee hats which I have copied or adapted from your wonderful designs. Just to thank you so much for the inspiration to me and I'm sure, to many others. Best wishes
17 September 2013 - Belfast, NI

Jo's comments   Hi Rosemary - your hats were lovely, I liked the way you slightly adapted the patterns and added your own twist on them. If you have a photo of your whole collection I will post it on my 2013 page on the website. :)

Am a volunteer at age uk and only heard about this on Friday, have made 26 so far and hope to make it 40 by this Friday, such fun and love the website
17 September 2013 - Gillingham Kent

Jo's comments   Wow! 26 hats since Friday - you are a super fast knitter. Glad you are enjoying the knitting and the website.

Thank you for sharing all these wonderful patterns. Never knitted any before, it's quite addictive. Was asked at work to join in the Big Knit and everyone loves them
16 September 2013 - UK

Jo's comments   It is VERY addictive - be careful!! Glad you are enjoying knitting the little hats from the patterns on my site. Enjoy!

Hi there, I just wanted to say a huge thank you from the Big Knit team at Age UK. Your patterns are so good and we've been getting lots of hats like these in the post! There's still time to get your hats in, you can send them straight to us at The Big Knit, Age UK, Tavis House, 1-6 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9NA. Thanks so much for inspiring lots of Big Knitters!
16 September 2013 - London

Jo's comments   Thank you Hannah. Glad to hear that you are receiving hats knitted with the patterns on my site! Hope the campaign is going well for you all. Happy unpacking of all those parcels!

Diane Will
Just finishing off one of the looks funny.not quite as good as yours, but hey I tried. Have enjoyed trying some of your designs this time around, as well as my normal stripey hats. As always a lot of fun to do.
15 September 2013 - Aberdeen Scotland

Jo's comments   All my cactus turned out differently - part of the fun of this design. Glad you enjoyed making one of your own!

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