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thanks so much for the great patterns I can't stop knitting these little hats, my grandson likes them too, for finger puppets, so had to do two of each.
27 September 2013 - durham. england

Jo's comments   Glad they are so popular with the younger generations. Happy Knitting.

jo hardy
I only saw the ad to make hats late -2 days ago actually, but I made 4 simple ones in an evening and took them down to the age uk shop. now I am going to try to make 1 a day for the cause. - in between knitting toys for the Syrian children who are in the refugee camps.thank you for being generous with your patterns and ideas it saves me thinking too hard!
26 September 2013 - littlehampton

Jo's comments   Glad you like the patterns, it sounds like you are really busy with your knitting.

Thank you for the Big Knit hat patterns, they're amazing! I've knitted 4 so far, deadline is getting close though! :)
22 September 2013

Jo's comments   You are very welcome. Enjoy!

Love your pretty hats. I make them for the Dutch innocent version. I was looking for some different patterns and then I found you. Thanks for letting us use them.
22 September 2013 - Nethelands

Jo's comments   The little hats are truly continental! Glad you are enjoying them.

Jena W
Thank you for allowing us to share all these wonderful patterns. Look forward to knitting a great selection over the next 12 months. Only heard about AGE UKs promotion 8 days ago and very little time to knit but managed 26 from fruit patterns on their website and some made up ones. Great and thank again.
21 September 2013 - West Midlands, UK

Jo's comments   No worries - glad you are enjoying knitting the little hats and hope my patterns inspire you to knit more. If you make up any good designs let me know - lots of the designs on here are inspired by others and I will credit you with the idea. Thanks for leaving a message. Happy Knitting.

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