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Thank you ever so much. Please keep on posting more and more knitting patterns. I'm 14 and you have inspired me to knit for the big knit! Shame though, I've only got a month left and I am the slowest knitter in the world, maybe next year.
4 October 2013 - Nottingham

Jo's comments   Hi Ella - how lovely to hear from you - and so glad you are enjoying knitting some hats. It is nice that they are appealing to the younger generation. Keep up the good work.

Liz Johnstone
Love your patterns, really looking forward to knitting some little hats. On the spiral hat can you explain what yo skp mean please
3 October 2013 - Cheshunt Hertfordshire

Jo's comments   Glad you like the patterns - this is what the abbreviations stand for:
YO Yarn Over
SKP Slip one, Knit one, Pass slip stitch over
I've got a page of abbreviations -
You can access it from a little link top right of the pattern page. Enjoy your knitting!

thanks for sharing your patterns I will enjoy knitting some of them and helping a good cause
2 October 2013 - sunderland

Jo's comments   You are welcome, glad you like them. Have Fun!

Jo - thank you for inspiring me to knit my very first hat! It took me about 4 weeks, because I had to keep undoing and re-doing bits, but I'm now the proud creator of a minion hat! Next year's goal: 2 hats! :-)
30 September 2013 - Bucks, UK

Jo's comments   Well done you! The next one will be a lot easier I expect. Enjoy!

Pity I only found these now! Ah well the few I have done will do for this year but thank God there's always next year and I can be knitting throughout the year with these fab patterns! Thank you so much!
30 September 2013 - Ireland

Jo's comments   I'm glad you have found them too! Hope you enjoy knitting them for the 2014 campaign.

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