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Sheila Bennett
Hi Jo, I can't find the instructions for the bird house. I've bought the buttons, but stuck now. I have done the alphabet twice and lots of the others. They are enjoyable to do. Thanks Sheila
19 February 2017 - England

Jo's comments   Hi There,
The pattern is here: Have fun, it's a very addictive pattern! Jo

Just seen all your patterns. Will definitely have a go at a few
8 February 2017

Jo's comments   Happy Hatting, you will soon be addicted to little hats!

First time for knitting for smoothies. Really enjoyed your patterns. Thanks
30 January 2017 - England

Jo's comments   Glad you have enjoyed your knitting, thanks for your message. Jo

Hello Jo. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. They are adorable. I have just made an ice cream cone, Santa and Spring hat.
28 December 2016 - Southampton, UK

Jo's comments   Glad you like the patterns, it is definitely Hatting season - I've a bundle of basic hats awaiting finishing off with buttons etc. Thanks for your message.

Jane Bradfield
Does your patterns come in paper form, I've just started doing these not much fun every time I-pad closes.
13 December 2016

Jo's comments   Hi Jane - you can always print them out this is what people tend to do. I don't supply them printed out. Happy Hatting.

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