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Jane dobson
You are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing I'm on no.5 your patterns easy to follow xxxx
28 February 2017 - Staffordshire

Jo's comments   Glad you are enjoying the hats, keep up the good work. :)

Kay Johnstone
Love the little patterns, plenty to choose from and very addictive about to start number 10
24 February 2017 - Scotland

Jo's comments   Glad you are enjoying them. Happy Hatting.

Sheila Bennett
Hi Jo, I can't find the instructions for the bird house. I've bought the buttons, but stuck now. I have done the alphabet twice and lots of the others. They are enjoyable to do. Thanks Sheila
19 February 2017 - England

Jo's comments   Hi There,
The pattern is here: Have fun, it's a very addictive pattern! Jo

Just seen all your patterns. Will definitely have a go at a few
8 February 2017

Jo's comments   Happy Hatting, you will soon be addicted to little hats!

First time for knitting for smoothies. Really enjoyed your patterns. Thanks
30 January 2017 - England

Jo's comments   Glad you have enjoyed your knitting, thanks for your message. Jo

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