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All the smoothie hat patterns are fantastic. I hadn't knitted in years until our local library had an Innocent smoothie knitting day, but I soon got fed up of the few patterns they gave me. I was delighted to find yours site and whilst I haven't tried all of them, I've had a go at many and intend to keep on until I've done them all! The only trouble is my daughter loves to play with them and they will now have to be washed before sending. On the plus side they're helping my diet as I am no longer sitting on the sofa eating whilst watching TV and now knit and watch instead.
11 April 2014 - Wales

Jo's comments   Hi Yasmin - so glad you are enjoying the hat patterns on my site. I added up the other day and counted links to over 100 - so they should keep you going for a while! Even more if you do one of each letter of the alphabet. Congrats on the weight loss too. Happy Knitting.

Wow Jo, I was browsing for some new smoothie patterns, fed up with the old ones. What a brilliant site, thanks for the inspiration. I'm off to the wool shop. Happy knitting.
11 April 2014 - UK

Jo's comments   Hi Jane - glad you like the patterns and be careful in the wool shop - sometimes balls of wool can launch themselves off shelves and end up in your basket!! Happy Knitting. Jo

are these patterns made with dk wool
6 April 2014 - london

Jo's comments   The majority are DK wool, if not I have stated in the instructions, Happy Knitting!

Hello jo! I have not had time to send mail to you because I have such a busy life! I have to prepare for exams so I do not have time because of homework!
Bye bye, Jo,
Molly xx
21 February 2014 - saint annes

Jo's comments   Good Luck with your exams Molly - hope you get the grades you want.

Ellen Hesketh
Hi Jo, thank you so much both for your patterns and the new page with some new ideas. I'm at home this year as I'm going through treatment for breast cancer but can still knit a hat as it's about the length of my concentration span. I've challenged myself to do 365 hats and as many different patterns as possible. Your site is making that bit quite easy !
17 February 2014 - Suffolk

Jo's comments   Hi Ellen, Glad my little patterns are helping you through what must be a very difficult year. I wish you all the luck in the world. Take Care, Jo

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