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I'm a director at a local Age Cymru organisation (Gwent) and would like to thank you for putting such amazing patterns on your site. Last year our volunteer knitters sent in over 1,300 hats and helped us raise 300 for the charity. We always point our knitters to your site as there are so many different patterns to choose from. Thank you so much and also thank you to our fabulous knitters. If anyone wants to knit for our charity please get in touch.
5 February 2014 - Gwent

Jo's comments   Thank you Eileen - what a lovely message. So glad that you are able to make so much money from the knitting - and that your charity is so well supported. Keep up the good work.


I Have tried the piglet ears again still not quite right so i have tried some of your other patterns and i have made 3 spiral hats and a sac will try piglet again not not just yet, Please keep adding your patterns am really enjoying making them
14 January 2014 - Sheffield

Jo's comments   Sorry you are still having trouble with Piglet ears - you end up with a piece that is sort of like a stretched out number 8. This is then folded in half to create the ear. Glad you like the patterns - doing some other knitting at the moment but hope to get back to hats soon!

I have started making some of your little hats, they are very nice patterns so thank you. I am now looking for some other small knitting projects to do, do you have any ideas?
12 January 2014 - UK

Jo's comments   Have you seen these: If you look on my Facebook link you will see some that a lady called Jennie has knitted they are lovely.

I made a load of little bobble hats last year - we were in the middle of a complicated move down to Deveon and refurb of our new house, so it was ideal to have something easy and very portable to knit. This year, I'm going to be more adventurous and make some of your patterns - they crack me up!
7 January 2014 - Devon

Jo's comments   Hi Lindsey - good county to live - we live here too!! The little hats are ideal and as you say - very portable. Enjoy my whacky designs this year!

tricia butler
I just love this page ,I suffer with my back and spend a lot of time in bed ,I plan to knit 1000 hats this year and love all the patterns on here ,well done jo
6 January 2014 - ireland

Jo's comments   Hi Tricia - thank you for leaving a message - sorry to hear about your back problems but glad my website is providing you with a good source of patterns for your knitting! All Best wishes for 2014.

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