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Jan Macdonald
In our local Sainsburys there is a notice to say that our local branch of Age UK will take them - but not the shop but the office. Have you tried contacting the head office by email as they will tell you?
30 March 2017 - Suffolk

Jo's comments   Hi Jan, in the past I have always sent my hats straight to Innocent. My second lot for this year will go to the Age UK head office here in Devon. They have been in contact with me via Facebook. Thanks for the suggestion. Jo

Done loads of your patterns no trouble but having real problems with eeyores ears can u help
27 March 2017 - Wales

Jo's comments   Hi There,
I expect it is row 2 that you are having problems with. Purl the 9, turn your work as if you have finished the row, slip the next stitch and then knit the next 6 stitches, turn as if you have finished the row, slip the first stitch, but then purl the rest. You've effectively done an extra row, but only in the middle part of the ear. Hope this helps, Jo

Susan cooper
I've really enjoyed knitting your patterns I've even managed a few of my own
18 March 2017 - England

Jo's comments   So glad you have enjoyed my patterns, well done on designing your own. If you want me to put them on my website just drop me an email with the instructions and a good photo of the hats. Jo

Janet Tomlinson
I belong to a knitting group in Derbyshire. Most of us are knitting hats I have copied some of the patterns so people can ask for a copy. So far I've knitted 20
16 March 2017 - England

Jo's comments   Glad you are enjoying the patterns. I lived in Derby for 8 years. Swarkestone and then Chellaston. Happy Hatting.

Janet Upward
Is there anywhere that we can take the hats. I have made 100 and postage will be quite expensive
7 March 2017 - England

Jo's comments   Hi There, 100 hats won't be that heavy, the postage won't be too much at the PO - you can post up to 1kg for 2.85. Some Age UK shops will take them in for you and they will then send them on to Innocent. However, some people report that not all Age UK shops know about the campaign, so that may vary on where you live. Hope this helps, Jo

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