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joan burbeck
love all the patterns, not sure if the unicorn one is there, have only done one so far, but will keep in trying
25 October 2017 - aberdeen, scotland

Jo's comments   Glad you are enjoying the patterns, no unicorn though. Maybe you could make one?! Jo

I am knitting the christmas ones for my daughter's school to earn money to help with the children's trips. I have loved them. I stuff them and put a loop on and they make great christmas tree decs. Many thanks x
13 October 2017 - uk. manchestee

Jo's comments   Great idea, hope you make lots of money for your daughter's school. They will be very pleased. Jo

Grace D
Just heard about this six weeks before the cut-off date. Managed to get around 80 hats knitted. Such fun! Can't wait to see if the project is on for 2018!
9 October 2017 - Northern Ireland

Jo's comments   80 in 6 weeks is pretty good going. Well done you, people are saying that it will happen in 2018 - but not sure that anything specific has been said by Innocent on it yet. Jo

I found out about your hat designs, from a member of the Innocent Big Knit group on Facebook. How pleased I was to see so many lovely hats, and gain some patterns for me to try.
14 September 2017 - London

Jo's comments   So glad that you are enjoying the patterns - plenty there for you to choose from. Happy Hatting. :)

can you buy these patterns do they come in a booklet please
15 July 2017

Jo's comments   You don't need to buy them, just print them off the pages and you are free to use them. Happy Hatting.

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