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I found out about your hat designs, from a member of the Innocent Big Knit group on Facebook. How pleased I was to see so many lovely hats, and gain some patterns for me to try.
14 September 2017 - London

Jo's comments   So glad that you are enjoying the patterns - plenty there for you to choose from. Happy Hatting. :)

can you buy these patterns do they come in a booklet please
15 July 2017

Jo's comments   You don't need to buy them, just print them off the pages and you are free to use them. Happy Hatting.

pamela fell
where can I buy the shaped buttons please
29 June 2017 - heather leicestershire

Jo's comments   I got mine from Ebay, however, they come from China and I doubt you will get them in time for the deadline on the campaign. There are English sellers, but you will pay a bit more for them. Happy Hatting, Jo

Caroline Turner
I can't wait to get started this looks like fun
I've never heard of this before
17 April 2017 - San Antonio Texas

Jo's comments   Hopefully you realised this was a UK thing given you live over the pond?!! Happy Hatting. Jo

Jan Macdonald
In our local Sainsburys there is a notice to say that our local branch of Age UK will take them - but not the shop but the office. Have you tried contacting the head office by email as they will tell you?
30 March 2017 - Suffolk

Jo's comments   Hi Jan, in the past I have always sent my hats straight to Innocent. My second lot for this year will go to the Age UK head office here in Devon. They have been in contact with me via Facebook. Thanks for the suggestion. Jo

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